Filming Beneath the Waves

Photography is one of the few hobbies that an also become a lucrative career. There are lots of special events and occasions that people want to immortalize with pictures, but there are other reasons to become a photographer. Photography is emotionally gratifying, and relaxing as well. Most photographers want to challenge themselves with more difficult shoots as their skill level and underwater photography can provide this challenge.

Before Shooting

Before you can take pictures of sea life, you’ll want to either learn to snorkel or scuba dive. The latter option is better if you really want to impress others with your pictures. Scuba diving allows you dive deeper and explore coral reefs where the most vibrantly colored fish are found. You should also be aware of the risks associated with scuba diving, like the bends and nitrogen narcosis. The bends results from surfacing too quickly after being submerged in deep water. Nitrogen narcosis results from inhaling too much nitrogen which is sometimes mixed into the oxygen tank. To avoid this issue, only dive with tanks containing pure oxygen. You should also dive with at least one other person who can assist you in an emergency.

The Tools for the Job

The first thing you’ll need before you begin filming underwater is a camera that’s suited for the job. If the average camera is submerged under water, it will never function again. You’ll also need a camera that can withstand the pressure changes of being beneath the waves. The ideal camera for shooting underwater photos is the SeaLife Micro HD+. This tiny titan is equipped with PermaSeal technology that gives water no way to get in and ruin the camera. It also features 32 GB of internal memory for filming photos and videos. Best of all, the pictures and videos are recorded in full 1080p high definition. There are other cameras that can shoot underwater, but the Micro HD+ takes all factors into consideration.

Shooting in a Pool

You can shoot beautiful underwater shots without going to the ocean. All you need is a good camera, a willing model and swimming pool. By utilizing long flowing pieces of fabric, you can produce angelic photos that will awe all who see them. The water suspends the fabric and the models hair in a way that makes it seem as though time is standing still. You need to find models who are in relatively good shape, because they’ll be holding their breath for prolonged periods of time. It’s best to film the shots from a lower perspective than the model to take advantage of the sun’s natural illumination. These sun burst shots are well-known by seasoned underwater photographers, and people will be astonished when they see the quality of your work.

scuba photography

Whether you plan on shooting people or wildlife underwater, you need to practice certain safety procedures. First off, someone should know CPR, just in case you encounter a worst case scenario. You should also film in warmer weather to avoid hypothermia and to take advantage of the sunlight. If you keep these pointers in mind, you should be rewarded with the most amazing shots of your career.